The ADIA is an organization that is open to all office management or clinical team members. The ADIA encourages and provides continuing education, internationally, nationally and regionally. The ADIA is a component society of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), the world’s largest dental implant society

In addition to our certification programs our society has different levels of membership, i.e. Certified Implant Auxiliary, Advanced Certified Implant Auxiliary and Fellowship. The ADIA strives to develop relationships that will continue the growth of worldwide implant education for all auxiliaries.

Our mission is to establish educational criteria and training for certification and provide an organized vehicle for auxiliaries to contribute to the field of oral implantology/implant dentistry. Another goal of our association is to develop implant practices as a “team”. We do this by providing high quality, cost effective education and motivating staff members to work as a team to provide the absolute best care for implant patients and make implant practices increasingly successful. We have developed and copyrighted four certification programs specifically geared to each member of the dental team (front office and coordinators, assistants, hygienists).

We have additionally created extensive training and education programs to fulfill needs for all aspects of implant therapy. Because the field of oral implantology/implant dentistry is ever changing due to advances in science and technology our association keeps its members on the cutting edge of changes that will affect their careers. We do this through yearly symposia, quarterly journals and development of chair side tools for our members to utilize in their practices.

WHY SHOULD I JOIN? As the number of implant practices in the world grows and develops, there is a need for auxiliaries to do the same. A goal of our association is to introduce implants into dental practices and increase knowledge related to implants to all members of the “team”. This approach leads to increased office production and less stress in the workplace. It also serves to enhance your career and expand the scope of services and information you provide to patients.